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The Role of Supplements in Treatment of Depression

Along with dietary intake, nutrition can also be obtained from nutrient supplements. They are widely used in the general population and their market is growing. It has been assumed adequate intake of them contributes to better overall mental health. This review explores studies regarding the role of different nutrients in treatment of depression. After searching among them we found Testosterone,…

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Holistic Psychiatry 

“Will you still be prescribing medications ,as your new practice is named as ‘Holistic Psychiatry”. This innocent question of one of my former patients gave me a good laugh for a few moments, but sometime later I realized  that the word “ Holistic” may have different meaning for her then what was in my mind when I was selecting the name for my new practice. Many people may confuse the term “ holistic “ with “ Naturopathy “ , “Aroma therapy “ etc. So I decided to clear the air by explaining to her what I mean by “ Holistic“.

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