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Comprehensive Psychiatry Evaluation

We do a thorough assessment of the mental health symptoms of the patients. We use face to face interviews with the patient and their loved ones, psychological screening questionnaires, and review old medical records ( If available). Patients are instructed to undergo laboratory investigations and imaging studies as needed. The detailed assessment helps us to create a possible explanation for presenting symptoms. This is followed by an individualized comprehensive treatment plan based on all available information.

Medication Management

We provide evidence-based medication management in a supportive setting with targeted therapeutic interventions. We work collaboratively with you to create a balanced plan, including medications as appropriate, within your overall treatment. We provide a no-rushed environment to discuss all Your Treatment Options.

Our providers at Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry never rush to start the prescription medication to your treatment.  We try to involve you in the decision making and discuss different options for treatment. If you choose pharmacologic support our providers will explain all the details of your medication and work closely with you to find the right course.

Psychiatry Treatment Plan

As a Board Certified Psychiatrist in Houston, Dr. D Kumar is committed to helping patients achieve and expand their understanding of daily well-being and personal goals. He will help you take appropriate steps to regain control of your relationships, your career, and your life. As a highly trained clinical psychiatrist, Dr. D Kumar supports highly skilled psychotherapy modalities, medication (or psychopharmacology), and the most precise interventional psychiatric procedures.


Like any other physical illness, mental health illness originates from a complex interaction of genetic ( family history) and environmental factors. A proper understanding of this complex interaction is necessary for symptom relief. The environmental factors can be many but often cause stress. Often stress is apparent and can be easily identified. Still, sometimes, it is not that clear what is causing stress in a person’s life. Dr. D. Kumar understands the different factors which may contribute to a person’s mental health symptoms.


Three essential parts of the treatment are:

  • Medication management
  • Personalized Counselling/ Psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle modification.

Counseling Services

At Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, we strongly acknowledge the importance of counseling and psychotherapy in achieving the complete and sustained remission of mental health illness. Often psychotherapy and medication management can be combined, and research has shown it can give better results in various psychiatric diseases.

Psychotherapy and counseling help patients navigate challenging life situations, such as loss of a job or financial difficulties, death of loved ones, divorce or other relationship issues, etc. The psychotherapy and counseling given after proper assessment and by expert trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of persons, families, and communities. In Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry, we work closely with several experts, reputable psychologists, and counselors. This helps us to provide comprehensive care to our patients so that they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


Different types of Psychotherapy and counseling includes

Individual psychotherapy

Cognitive behavior therapy

Supportive psychotherapy

Dialectical behavior therapy

Family psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy

Support groups

Grief Psychotherapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

We will be offering TMS treatment soon

TMS is an FDA-cleared and American Psychiatric Association recommended treatment for major depressive disorder. TMS uses magnetic pulses to target key brain areas involved in recovery from depression. TMS may also be used for some conditions such as anxiety disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.



Nutritional Advises

You are what you eat” is not only correct for physical but also for mental health. In order to achieve and maintain optimal health, a healthy, wholesome diet and proper hydration are essential.   Educating oneself with the right dietary choices can go a long way not only for oneself but also for the whole family. On the cognitive level, most of us know that the processed and high sugar foods are not good for us, but the interaction of gut and brain is so strong that we end up consuming them anyway holistic psychiatry, we try to educate people about making correct dietary choices. A diet that is high in whole-grain, vegetable, fruits,  fish, and olive has been proven good for mental health.

Life style modification

  • Administrative Services
  • GHHP provides administrative services for Workers Comp Claims, Psychiatric Clearance, Emotional Support Animals and many others.  Effective July 1st, 2021, Greater Heights Holistic Psychiatry will no longer be providing services for FMLA Leave Certification.  Various Fees apply.
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